Keith Urban Makes 47 Look Good

Keith Urban Makes 47 Look Good
Impromptu Two-Song Set at Tootsie’s Keeps Him Young

Funny, Keith Urban doesn’t look 47. And he certainly doesn’t sound 47.

But while Urban did indeed turn 47 on Sunday (Oct. 26), I think I have proof his age is just a number and one that has absolutely no relevance on his ability to be cooler than all the other 47-year-olds out there.

It is this six-minute video of Urban playing a little impromptu song up on the third floor at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge on Thursday (Oct. 23) in downtown Nashville.

He played his “You Look Good in My Shirt” — which is the song so nice he released it twice, once in 2002 and them again in 2008 — much to the thrill of the packed audience. Even though they all seemed hell-bent on recording the entire song on their iPhones, they sang along to every word.

Tootsie’s tweeted about the surprise show, saying, “Check out Keith Urban on the third floor at Tootsie’s World Famous Orchid Lounge last night!” and then, “Look who dropped by last night! You never know who may show up at Tootsie’s World Famous Orchid Lounge!”

In the video, the crowd of about 300 looks collectively honored to be inside the legendary bar on one of those only-in-Nashville nights. But no one looks more amazed than Tootsie’s house band fiddler, Presley Rose.

The bar’s manager Diesel Tyler told me all about how Urban made Rose’s night.

“I knew what was happening, obviously, but all I told the band was, ‘I need you guys to play this Keith Urban song. Just trust me,'” Tyler said. “Keith waited in the parking lot of the Ryman, and then a limo went to get him so they could pull up on Broadway with the windows rolled down. Then I escorted him in, walked him upstairs and everyone followed us up there. All I told Presley was to grab her tip jug and her fiddle and get to the stage.”

But until Urban walked on to the stage to sing with the house band, Tyler said, “Nobody had a clue what was happening.”