One-of-a-kind Tootsie’s remains life of the party

One-of-a-kind Tootsie’s remains life of the party

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There’s just something about Tootsie’s!

Perhaps it’s the live band playing popular country music that greets you as you walk in the door. Or maybe it’s the spirited crowd hooting and hollering and enjoying the vibe almost anytime of the day or night.

Or it might be the long, well-worn bar that lines the left wall, where countless musical legends have sat or stood and laughed or cried as they raised a glass or bottle.

As you walk through Tootsie’s you can’t help but notice the much walked-on (and a tad sticky) floors and inhale the inimitable Tootsie’s smell, no doubt from the countless beers tipped and tapped in this iconic, oh-so-Nashville downtown landmark.

And Tootsie’s walls! You have never seen such coverage — with every centimeter, high and low, crammed with autographs and messages, as well as priceless signed photographs of musical giants. Some of the photos are crumbling with age and are covered in Plexiglas for posterity.

You’ve probably heard the expression “if these walls could talk,” but this is one place where they actually do!

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