World Famous

World Famous

Tootsie’s is opening in Panama City Beach, FL!

News Channel 7 of Panama City Beach reports:

It won’t be open for a couple more weeks, but when it does, Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge is sure to be a hit, and the hits will keep on coming. Country music stars are expected to frequent the bar.

“Folks come to Panama City to do concerts, and where do you think they’re going to go have a beer at? They’re gonna be stopping by Tootsies, so it’s going to be the same principles apply here as do in Nashville. You just never know who might drop in or who you’ll see on stage,” said John Stone, a country music singer.

Singer Darryl Worley is a strong supporter of the original Tootsie’s in Nashville. Whether or not you like country music, he says Tootsie’s will be a great place to visit.

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